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NutriBerries C (Plant Vitamin C powder)
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Natural Vitamin C from berries coupled high phytonutrients

(1500mg vitamin C per serving)

Vitamin C helps in the following:

*Boosting immune system

*Reduces hypertension

*Maintain good eyesight

*Antioxidant fights against free radicals

*Anti-aging, brightening. Stimulate the formation of collagen

*Improves healing abilities

*Collagen production

How to take:

Consume directly or dissolved the powder in room temperature water and consume immediately.

When to take:
Make it a habit to start your day with one sachet of NutriBerries C. If you think your immune system is getting low, take 2 – 3 sachets a day.
Blueberry powder, Blackberry powder, Elderberry powder, Blackcurrant powder, Raspberry powder, Camu-camu berry powder, Acerola berry powder.
Ingredients from USA, South America & Europe.

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